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Compliance Consulting

Dodd Frank, HIPAA, SOX, GLB compliance and other regulations are creating tremendous pressure for many industries. Our professionals come in, assess the situation from an Information Technology perspective and create a comprehensive plan needed to achieve this level of compliance.
We evaluate your current infrastructure, and compare it to the design goals that you provide. We look at the infrastructure for weaknesses in terms of resilience, cyber-security, single points of failure, replication, documentation, and many other control points. We then highlight the weaknesses of the system and suggest measures to remediate them. This may involve a redesign involving virtualization or strategy for migration to the cloud. We then plan a step by step migration strategy with a failback plan to cover all possibilities.
Auditing of access, change permissions, proper documentation, security architecture, and viable Business Continuity / DR plans including remote replication are addressed as part of the requirements as is a written information security plan.


We put in the effort to understand the client’s needs and requirements and pin point the main issues. We then provide custom solutions to the problems using state of the art technology, Business Continuity software, application failover, hot/warm sites, and SAN hardware and software.
For example the client’s needs for Business Continuity / Disaster Tolerance and remote data replication may be the goal, and software / hardware replication or a combination using Continuous Access and Data Mirroring may be the recommended solution.


It is no longer sufficient to say that only large companies need to worry about cyber security or a data breach. Cyber risk is becoming more severe and everyone is at risk. On October 23, 2015, a federal magistrate judge in California held that individual corporate directors may be found liable under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank).

Cloud Strategy

The cloud is here, and given the advantages of working with any device from anywhere 24 x 7 x 365 it is no surprise that there is a massive industry shift to take advantage of this new and amazing technology. However, not many professionals take the time to evaluate how this shift will work to truly benefit the client. The Cloud may or may not be a viable option for all applications. For example, there may be confidential data that the client may want retained on premises, or there may be client server applications that are proprietary that may not support migration to the cloud. In such cases, a hybrid approach migrating email to the cloud, but leaving non supporting applications on premises may be the optimal solution. Security is another issue that is of utmost concern.

Design Implementation including Migration to the Cloud

The solution proposed is implemented and the problems resolved. At this stage we complete the steps involved with the implementation such as installation and configuration of necessary software applications to ensure secure access, audit logging, data retention and access, as well as point to point security. Following this, other technologies such as Data Mirroring and or hardware replication are configured and scripted to automate snapshots and clone operations for data integrity and recovery. Remote replication of data is configured and normally implemented unless the data is in the cloud already.
A back out plan is critical in the event of issues. Migration steps are carefully designed in a manner that the original configuration can be restored in the event of a problem. Everything is thoroughly tested including failover/failback at this stage.
We can help in migrating your on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure platform. Be it virtual machines, SQL databases, web sites, or complex applications. We help in envisioning, planning, designing and migrating the workloads to the cloud. This may involve re-architecting or tweaking the existing applications to be moved to the cloud ensuring minimum disruption to the services.
Applications can be complex with various components and integrations with third-parties and other systems and resources. However, it is not uncommon for an application to also make use of services exposed by partner organizations, or services and components that reside inside the corporate network which, for a variety of reasons, cannot be migrated to the cloud. For such scenarios, we can help in building hybrid applications with some components on Azure and some components on premise.

Server/ Storage Virtualization

Virtualization is possible at a server hardware/software host level, storage level, and fabric level. Virtualization is an approach to IT that pools and shares resources so utilization is optimized and supply automatically meets demand. Virtualization is key on the journey to becoming a more Adaptive Enterprise.
Virtualization can change the economics of IT from desktop to datacenter – much like just-in-time capabilities drove dramatic changes in the manufacturing industry. It's the convergence of business need and technological innovation that can create real, new business value.
VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V are the unequivocal leaders in this area. Our engineers are proficient and certified with both infrastructure platforms.

Business Continuity

BHS Software provides customers with the highest level of storage data protection capabilities to meet their mission critical business continuity requirements. They can achieve a competitive advantage by combining disaster-tolerant solutions and disaster-tolerant managed services into their planning and daily routines, ensuring data security, availability and integrity.
Features & Benefits
- Regulatory Compliance: Software / hardware replication can be quickly configured and managed to meet business and regulatory requirements.
- Agility: BHS Software technologies ensure compliance to business continuity and regulatory goals. Using advanced replication technologies, information is protected from disaster, or unplanned downtime. -Simplicity: BHS Software technologies reduce errors in configuring and managing both local and remote replication environments.
-Automatic Failover support: BHS Software provides a fully automatic failover/failback of storage and servers.
-Improved asynchronous writes Increasing of the buffer allows for greater distance and, or latency support.
-Multiple recovery options: A simple software model for economical entry-level option, and extremely sophisticated and robust solutions for those customers with highly available application needs.

Maintenance, Monitoring & Support

Ongoing maintenance and support for the system installed are critical. As threats evolve, software updates and fixes are released to combat them. These updates don’t just relate to Anti-virus and Anti-Malware programs but also the Applications (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe, etc.), and Operating Systems. Firmware upgrades, patches, and future upgrades are part of the services provided. We offer services such as remote monitoring of the system and remote troubleshooting to our clients.


Our Technologies

Virtualization -- Hyper-V, VMware

Virtualization/ Storage Benefits
Ability to replicate data to remote locations, thus avoiding problems due to a site loss.
Eliminates the time requirements for backups using break-through HP technology.
Instant recovery in minutes instead of hours or days.
Ultimate solution for scalability, availability, and fault tolerance.
Isolation of storage from servers leading to reduced cost, increased flexibility, and increased availability.
Isolation of production and test environments.
Highly available, extremely redundant fault tolerant solution.
Extremely fast back-end network for storage. 8 Gb technology with 16 Gb available in higher end switches.
High Performance, High Capability, High Availability Solutions
Microsoft Hyper-V
Most organizations explore virtualization for one of the following reasons:
- Server consolidation. By consolidating multiple server instances on one set of hardware, efficiency is gained by more fully using the hardware.
- Application migration. Some applications do not run on newer server operating systems, creating a need for the ability to host virtual instances of legacy operating systems to run these applications.
- Increase IT agility. Provides the ability to rapidly add and move servers to respond to changing business needs.
- Software development. By saving and restoring a set of template virtual hard disks (VHDs), developers can rapidly cycle through test scenarios during software development processes.

The team has the Enterprise Level Hands-On Experience on
-Planning and Deploying a VDI infrastructure.
-Planning and Deploying Virtual Infrastructure for Messaging system.
-Consolidating Server work load using Hyper-V -Performance tuning of Virtual Environment.
-Providing Private cloud Guidance using SCVMM.
-Designing / Delivering level 300 workshops on Virtualization across various Enterprise customers.
-Delivering Hyper-V health check for the virtual environment across various Enterprise Customers.

Cloud – Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud provides flexibility of choice for deploying services based on your business needs. It also provides enterprise-level services with no compromises on availability, reliability, or security; and to support consistent, connected experiences across devices and platforms. Experienced BHS Software Cloud consultants and developers can help you build innovative solutions on Microsoft Azure.
There are many reasons to deploy an application or services onto Azure. These include reducing operation and hardware costs by paying for just what you use, building applications that are able to scale almost infinitely, enormous storage capacity, geo-location ... the list goes on and on.

Microsoft Office 365 with cloud based email

Are you looking to move to Office 365 Productivity platform? With Office 365, you can get your work done securely and communicate real-time from almost anywhere. Combining Office with Office 365 unlocks the full potential of Office 365 as the best solution for productivity, collaboration, communication, and worry-free IT. BHS Software can help you trouble free migrate your on-premises infrastructure to office 365 and also help extend your on premise infrastructure to Office 365 in hybrid scenarios.!

Systems Center Private Cloud & Cloud OS

With Windows Server 2012 R2, Systems Center 2012 R2 and Windows Azure Pack you can build a Cloud OS Platform that can help deliver scale, speed and agility to your datacenter while protecting your existing investments. The components of a Private Cloud include but not limited to Virtual Machine Manager to provision the infrastructure and VMS. App Controller to provision a Self-Service experience Configuration Manager for managing and maintaining the environment.Operations Manager for Monitoring Service Manager for Standardization.Orchestrator for Automation. BHS Software Cloud Consultants have a vast experience in building Private Cloud Solutions. We can help in planning, designing and deploying a Private Cloud solution in your datacenter as per your needs..



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